HA will not see HomeKit device, how to pair?

How exactly do I connect a HomeKit device to HA? I assume using the HomeKit Controller integration, yes?

I bought the Qingping Air Monitor Lite, but when I search using HomeKit Controller this does not appear in the list. I tried holding the top button on the Air Monitor which then sets it into a mode (shows a Wi-Fi icon), and the device still does not appear in HA to select/pair.

I have tried pairing it to the Qingping app first, no difference. I tried factory resetting and tried having HA search for it, nothing. I always just get “No unpaired devices could be found.”

What am I missing?

If you’re adding a device to Home Assistant, you need to find the Integration or the device is visible to HA.
Or are you trying to add the device that’s already in HA to HomeKit?

The integration is HomeKit Controller, yes? It does not appear in there when searching. (No, it is not in HA yet)