HA will recognize Insteon Entity, but will not see device?


I’m a HA noob, so I’ll just claim that upfront. I recently have implemented HA to my home as I’m attempting to move away from the Insteon cloud based automation. I have successfully linked all my insteon devices and I’m able to control all of the switches, dimmers and I/O devices. My question appears as I’m trying to build scenes to then incorporate to my automation. I have a scene for all my outdoor lighting devices to be turned on at the appropriate levels for the evening hours.

My problem is, I have one device that I cannot assign to a scene. I can see it in the overview. I can see it in the entities page, but it will not appear in the device page. As it doesn’t show up in the device page, I cannot assign it to my scene and so on and so forth.

What am I missing? I can manually control it, but cannot go farther than that. Any help is greatly appreciated.