HA with GivTCP and new AIO battery

I’m a newbie here- running HA on a pi4 to (eventually) control my GivEnergy AIO battery. I’ve followed youTube videos and have installed MQTT and GivTCP which appear to work OK but will not connect to my AIO inverter. (I can ping the IP address and link to the same inverter using that IP on my phone and PC.) Has anyone managed to make this work on HA- if so some config ideas (I do know that on the AIO "battery no’s needs to be 0 )

Have you got the correct IP address. I think there will be one for your AIO and one for the gateway?

This is what worked for me.

Assuming that you have then you need to have your total inverter count set to 1.
Toggle ON the ‘Is it an AIO’
Toggle OFF the ‘Is it on old firmware’.

[EDIT] - You can use the GE app to find out the proper IP address and also ensure it is not changing via DHCP. You should have a DHCP reservation set on both AIO and Gateway (using respective MAC addresses of course).

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