HA with multiple network interfaces

I have an issue that I haven’t been able to nail down. Here is my network setup.

Office PC:
HA Wired IP:
HA Wireless IP:
Mobile Phone IP on wireless network:

First off, my HA instance was only using the wired network adapter and I was able to connect with the app inside the network with no issues. I enabled the wireless network adapter in HA and now I can’t connect using the app. Even though my phone and HA are on the same network (wireless network) I’d like the app to continue using the wired HA interface. My office PC connects to the wired HA interface with no issues.

The reason I enabled the wireless interface was so HA could find wireless devices on that network. I know I could change the app to use the wireless network IP and it would work, but when I was using a Pi device for HA, I found that for some reason the wireless network adapter would become disabled after 2 or 3 weeks. I’d then have to go in and reenable the adapter. I’m running on a Linux box now so I don’t know if that issue still exists.

Anyway, even though my app and HA are on the same wireless network, is there a way to force the app to use the wired HA connection? In the app, I do have the internal URL set to the wired HA network interface. In the Network section of HA, I also have the Local Network set to the wired network interface address.

Thanks for any help.