HA with Pixel Watch

I just bought a Pixel Watch. I installed the HA app on it but I’m having trouble with it.

  1. The app on my phone is configured to connect to HA using the server’s IP Address when my phone is connected to the home WiFi network. When my phone is NOT connected to the home WiFi, it uses my duckdns address.

When I’m not connected to the home WiFi, HA on the Pixel connects fine. But when I AM connected to the home WiFi, HA on the Pixel says it can’t connect.

  1. when I try to use HA Assist (when I can get it to connect), HA only understands the request about half the time. Otherwise it just times out and then says it didn’t understand.

the Wear OS app does not offer URL switching so you must use the external URL even locally so if the URL does not work locally then the app on the watch will not either.

sounds like a connection issue, maybe locally? not sure but if its having issues connecting initially then that may point to some networking issue.

Perhaps NAT Loopback is not supported by your router?