HA with Tuya Smart Wi-Fi plug WL-SC01?

I have a Tuya smart Wi-Fi plug WL-SC01, can HA work with it somehow?
I’m a noob trying to save my sanity from a phone full of apps that control 1 smart device.
Going crazy, but maybe HA can control all these single apps for smart devices and smart bulbs into 1?
Screenshot from 2024-04-24 15-21-48

Did you try the Tuya integration ?

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Thank you.
After many attempts and Tuya support saying they don’t support hardware(?) it doesn’t work.

Search the forum for Local Tuya and Tuya Local

I read through any may refer to the Tuya website.
I have contacted the Tuya website who say they cannot support Tuya hardware as Tuya is only a software website.
Think I’ll throw out the Tuya smart plug and give up.
3 out of 3 failures so far.
We’ll see how a replacement Zigbee Thermometer performs when it arrives.

Wow, just wanted to share I found an old manual in the rubbish whilst cleaning up.
I have now connected the smart outlet to the EweLink app.
I’m really hoping this will work with Home Assistant.
Name: Smart outlet
Current Version: 3.7.6
Manufacturer: BLue50
Model: SX1
Device ID: 1000b21514
Mac address: 24:62:AB:37:80:22
FW Name: PSF-B01-GL

This eWeLink forum post worked for me.
Although control from HA doesn’t update the device state from on and off, until I refresh the HA webpage.
This tells me I am operating the device via the logged in eWeLink website, rather than locally from the desktop with the vm HA install.

I would like to make controlling the eWeLink Smart Outlet as easy as possible, so perhaps a control on the desktop HA Overview and perhaps the phone HA app?

I am confused with the eWeLink forum post last step: Setup Scene, Automation to control eWeLink Support devices?

I think the setup is running via HA Add-on eWeLink Smart Home only when logged into the eWeLink Devices.
I’m unable to use the eWeLink smart outlet WL-SC01 if logged out of the HA Add-on eWeLink Smart Home?
This has 2 problems:
1: I’m unable to add the On/Off smart outlet switch to the HA Overview.
2: Ideally I would like to run the smart outlet via the LAN without any Internet.

Take a look at this:

Thank you, the Github page looks very complicated.
Think I’ll put up with the WAN smart plug for now.

  1. Just need to learn how to add it to the HA Overview/Dashboard.

  2. Finally, it seems most smart devices are WAN controlled and need Internet.
    I would like LAN control, like the Sonoff https://itead.cc/product/sonoff-iplug-wi-fi-smart-plug-s60/

My final question is, in a house with no Internet nor Wi-Fi, can a smart LAN device work, perhaps via Bluetooth
Install a UniFi AP into the house with no Internet, but then the smart device can connect to Wi-Fi (hopefully not needing connection via Interent to whatever the company is)?

If no internet or Wifi, look for Zigbee or Z-Wave devices. Total local control.

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Yes, I plan on local control for smart plugs and lights.

I have Wi-Fi, but no Internet (except for the phone’s hotspot for desktop Internet).
I will try flashing the smart plug, but which FTDI adapter do I need?
CP2104 FTDI or FT232RL FTDI? I’m guessing FT232RL FTDI adapter, to manage 3.3V or 5V power.

Here’s an image of the eWeLink smart plug I would like to flash to WLAN only access.
Screenshot from 2024-05-11 11-40-44
Any help welcome on where to solder the wires would be great, as this is my first HA flash.

Flashing might be a bit advanced, so I’m hoping to find WLAN ready smart plugs or even better wall outlets, with the goal of turning all outlets off (except the fridge, HA and Wi-Fi AP) and rechargeable devices on from 0200-0400.
My understanding is Sonoff and Shelly are WLAN hardware and Tasmota is WLAN firmware.
Shopping around might be easiest.