HA won't integrate Kasa ep10 plugs

I just got 2 Kasa EP10 plugs and after connecting them to wifi (2.4) I can successfully turn them on and off by using the TP Link app on my phone.
However getting them into HA (2024.5.3) does not work. If I do an auto discovery in “integration add → TPLink → TPLink Smart Home” HA appears to find both plugs but when I submit I get an “cannot_connect” error. If I try to add the host IP directly I get an “Connection error: Unable to connect to the device” error.
I have restarted HA several times and also currently trying with static IP for the plugs but still not able to connect in HA while the TP-Link app works just fine.
The documentation list the EP10 as one of the supported devices, so it’s like a configuration error so any pointers would be useful.