HA Xiaomi Vacuum Help


I’m fairly new to HA and I don’t have much experience in programming. I have the token for my xiaomi vacuum and this is what I have in my configuration.yaml


  • platform: xiaomi_miio
    token: secret token

Now In my group.yaml I have the following code for my vacuum tab and the vacuum switch which works. Now im trying to show a tile with the vacuum information such as battery_level, cleaning time, all the available information I can display on the vacuum. Also bin full if it’s possible. I have the following code (exactly as pasted) but I keep getting an error. Please if I could get a hand on this? Thank you so much.

name: Nigel
icon: mdi:broom
view: yes
- group.nigel_vacuum

name: Nigel
control: hidden
view: yes

  • vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner

-platform: template
value_template: “{{ states.vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner.attributes.battery_level }}”
entity_id: xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner
friendly_name: Battery Level

for some reason in the quotes the entities: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner is showing with a dot instead of a dash but it is in fact a dash on the groups.yaml

Not sure why it is showing as a dot, even after trying to edit it shows as a dash to me but then it comes back as a dot in the post.

Hi @HectorHappens - have you figured this out yet?
Regarding the quote in your post, don’t use “quote”, but rather use a “code” block - the icon that looks like </> then the formatting will be accurate. Copy your code, then select it and click that button.
You can make a new group that contains all of your sensors in one group. I don’t know what your vacuum provides, but it would be something like you have but with a list of all the entities under your group.