HA Yellow - is this chip broken?

My HA Yellow POE Kit just arrived - I can’t test it because I’m still waiting for a CM4 given the shortage… but just looking at it, I think it might be broken and I’d like to get that fixed now rather than waiting.

Specifically, this brown brick is dangling loose off of the “Wireless” chip, it looks as if the wire traces have popped off of the circuitboard. That’s bad, right? :S

If random components falling off the circuitboard is indeed a bad thing, any idea what I can do to get it fixed?

That looks like an inductor, it’s soldered to the antenna part of the Zigbee module’s PCB and it has received a knock which caused the PCB tracks (the copper connections) to tear away from the PCB. That’s a handling defect unfortunately, it unlikely to be a sign of a quality problem specifically with the HA Yellow unless it’s happening often, but might indicate that it needs to be better protected during shipping.
It may still function with some limited loss of signal.

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You should contact the company about a repair/replacement.


This is going to sound strange, but if the traces are still intact, you can probably use a little hot glue to stabilize the component.


I’ve emailed the company to ask their suggestions, still waiting on a response; if it’s still just-about working and some hot glue would stop it from getting any worse I’d be happy with that - not having a CM4 to test with is a pain though D:

But for now I’m not doing any custom mods because I can’t test, and I don’t want to blindly make warranty-voiding changes ^^;; So hopefully I get a response of either “we’ll replace it right away” or “you’re welcome to keep it until you get a CM4 and then try DIY fixes, we’ll replace it if it still doesn’t work after that”…

An update for anybody who comes here from google having similar issues in the future - emailed nabu casa who told me to email crowd supply; crowd supply asked to see my emails from nabu casa to confirm that a replacement was sensible - with nabu casa agreeing that a replacement is sensible, crowd supply say they will ship one out. Fingers crossed for that one being free from any damage and we all live happily ever after :slight_smile: