HA Z-Wave Implementation

Just a quick shout out to get some feedback.

I have been doing Home Automation for quite a while. I recently yanked all the stuff out and started building up with new tech. A while back, I looked at HA and while it looked promising, it was not quite there.

Fast-forward, it is quite impressive as it is obvious that a lot of talented people have built an amazing platform.

My question for you HA gurus is…how well does the HA Z Wave work? I currently have an HE hub which responds instantaneously to commands. It has been rock solid. The only issue I have is that some integrated devices don’t represent properly with HA. For instance, an Aeotec Smart Strip shows as a single switch instead of 4 individuals.

Obviously, I want to have good performance and as much granular control as possible. I am running on a RP4. I also have NUC hardware available as well.

You guys have any recommendations to share?

Thanks much in advance!


Z-Wave is Z-Wave generally, as far as response is concerned. The upcoming Z-Wave Plus v2 LR will be a whole new ballgame though. with expected distances up to 1 mile.

There are differences with various integration supports. I am in the process of moving (back) from openHAB and their Z-Wave binding.

The old deprecated Z-Wave integration based on OZW 1.4 should be avoided. IMO my current preference is to use zwavejs2mqtt as a control panel for the zwavejs integration.

As you alluded to, software support varies per device. I am in the process of getting one of my devices added to the database. Here is the zwavejs database browser.