HA/z-wave with Inovelli LZW30 on/off switch problem


I just completed my first z-wave/HA installation but it didn’t work as I expected. Basically I cannot turn on/off a Inovelli switch using the web-gui. I seek your help in debugging it. As I am new to HA I am not sure if this is a configuration issue, or if I have wired it wrong.

First off, my setup:


  • Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 USB Stick ZST10
  • Inovelli LZW30 On/Off switch, wired as a single-pole installation (one switch controls the light, 3 wires only)
  • a S912 TV box (octa-core, 2GB ram) running Armbian (Debian buster) with HA via docker (Hass.io supervisor verion 193).

If I turn on/off the light via inovelli mechanically, the log in HA correctly identifies it:

8:14 AM Inovelli Unknown: type=0004, id=0001 Switch turned on
8:13 AM Inovelli Unknown: type=0004, id=0001 Switch turned off

However, in the webgui, I cannot turn on/off the switch. When the toggle slider for the switch is on (and the light is physically on), and in webgui I turn it off, it does nothing (the light stays on) and the toggle slider will revert back to the on-position a few seconds (I guess to reflect the current state of the switch).

The Inovelli LZW30 is identified is “unkown: type-0004”. Is it fully supported in Home Assistant?