HA + zb2mqtt + tasmota

I have HA + zb2mqtt running fine for quite a while.
I’m trying to add a sonoff zb bridge with tasmota (not in TCP mode) so that I can track some sensors in different location.

tasmota connects successfully to the mqtt server, HA auto detects the tamsota device and suggest to install the tasmota integration (done), however in HA I don’t see the temperature sensors that I have paired with the tasmota bridge.

IDK if this is connected, but in the tasmota web UI I see the sensors, their signal level, but don’t see their reading.

Tasmota (2cc785b-zbbrdgpro) with ZNP v2.7.1.20220219

Zigbee2Tasmota does not support autodiscovery for the Zigbee devices. You have to define them in .yaml .


Zigbee - Tasmota

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