Haas.io lost all configuration after reboot

I just installed Haas.io on new SD card (16GB). v. 0.65.0

I fiddled with the configurations, installed few add ons, configured the Configurator, Samba, played with few other sesnors, etc. It seemed ok,

Then i rebooted the Rasberri Pi through Haas.io/System/Host System/Reboot… It came back, but brand new and clean. It only had the Configurator plug in, but not configured.

I decided to repeat the effort to see if its repeatable. And yes… it is repeatable… I configured few items again, added samba, sensors. This time i created System Restore point, I rebooted the Rasberry Pi and everything was lost again, looked like brand new instance + configurator add only without being configured.

What’s gong on… ? How can i trust that I will not lose everyting again?
How can I fix it?

System log is attached