Haaska fan controls

I’d like to know how to implement fan speed selection controls in haaska.

I have an RF fan speed controller already setup in HA using the Broadlink RM Pro which works fine.

And I have each individual switch set up in haaska. I say, for example, 'Alexa, turn on master bedroom fan high" and it works.

The problem I’m trying to address is that for that to work I need to expose four switches to alexa for each fan control. If I have multiple can controls that starts adding up and starts to get me to the 49 device limit the echo supports.

Will the haaska fan speed control help with this by needing less devices for the Echo? If so, how do I implement it?

I though I might be able to use an “input_select” but I looked at the haaska documentation and it doesn’t list input_select as a supported item. But it does list “fan” and says it is for speed control.

I’ve looked around and haven’t seen any documentation for doing that.