Haaska no longer works

I have spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out why my alexa - homeassistant integration has broken. My Lambda function test executes ok for discovery but when I call my created skill to discover devices via alexa web interface I get no devices found which is a new issue because I was able to discover devices from homeassistant until a few days ago. I know I have set the region correctly for Lambda (Ireland - I am in UK) I know that I have pasted the arn url from lambda into the correct region when creating the skill via developer.alexa.com. My region and language settings all seem correct but it seems like even if I create new skills and new functions to redo everything following setting up haaska instructions I can’t get Alexa to invoke Lambda function anymore.

Anyone any ideas please?

I am having the same issue did you find a solution?

I think it was an issue with my amazon account, I changed an email address on my account and I think that it was caused the issue. I ended up creating a completely new amazon account and started afresh and it is now working.

I’m having the same issue of being unable to discover anything from HA via the app, but the lambda works as expected. I had posted about it yesterday on the super thread… https://community.home-assistant.io/t/the-haaska-super-thread/76994/167

Anyone else seeing this or have any suggestions?

Hello everybody.
Same problem, from the lambda test everything works correctly, but once the skill is connected no entity is exposed on alexa.

I’m not at home right now, but I did get it working again. The first thing I did was add so debugging so Haaska would log the response so you can see what it’s returning. I can provide that to you if you want it when I can get to my system. Even then I had problems and so I began stripping back my config and blocking Haaska from seeing some things that were killing it. Fortunately they were automations that I didn’t need it to see.

Thanks, but I’ve already fixed it.
I have created a new askill, following a different guide from this https://github.com/mike-grant/haaska/wiki. Compared to the mike-grant guide, the “AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole” role in “DatabaseAdministrator” has changed and the timeout has changed from 3 to 15 seconds.