Haaska speech sensor state?

Good morning,
I installed haaska and it works perfectly
Now I would like to ask if it was possible to tell alexa the status of the sensors.
It would be possible ?
How to please.

Thanks, Alberto

Hi Alberto, Are you asking how to get HA to export a sensor to Alexa (via Haaska)?

no wmaker,
I wish I could tell alexa the status of the lights if on or off and / or the temperatures in the rooms saying
For example: ‘alexa, tell me the temperature in the kitchen’

Take a look at the following to see if it helps. Although the subject is in regards to HA Cloud, you will find a user that shows his configuration that was used with Haaska

thanks wmaker !!
I currently solved by creating a script.
The only problem is that I have to say ‘alexa, turn on information’ and alexa lists the sensor statuses for me

All you need to do is set up a routine to ask the question in whatever way you want and link it to ‘alexa, turn on information’.

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Very good Bobby :heart_eyes:

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