Hack a "normal" thermostatic valve and make it WiFi, or RF or similar


The “normal” thermostatic valve cost around 15 Euro, the Wireless one around 50-60-70.

Since I have 10 to buy, and would like full HA automation, would love to hack a normal one with RF module or WiFi module that integrate with HA.

ANy clue?


p.s. below the link to a normal, one, there are hundreds of models


I would have recommended the max EQ3 wireless thermostat that cost 20€ per head but they seem to not be supported by home-assistant anymore.

I still have one laying around and I’ll see if I can reintegrate it.

EDIT: you can buy the EQ3 Bluetooth:

16,90€ and here is the home-assistant component:

You seems to be in France and they seems to be more expensive in France (comme d’hab…), either 20€ by Conrad or 100€ for 5 piece on Amazon.fr



I am in Italy, I just browse other amazons to check prices.

But what do you think about Bluetooth, the range is so small, how would I integrate it in HA??


That is what I am looking for. They were supported in the past?

Damn I wish I could code


He said they were but the bluetooth ones still have an actual home assistant component now. :slight_smile:


I don’t like bluetooth: many disconnections (check amazon reviews) by me confirmed with multiple BT devices, poor range … I really don’t think is a good product for valves, unless you live in a studio of 20sqm with one radiator only


I can only see the uk reviews and there is no mention of range from here. I will probably go for bluetooth, so long as you have an properly powered bluetooth adaptor with a strong signal it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

To work with the max EQ3 wireless thermostat you would most likely need a RF 868 MHz receiver and sender as well as the bridge so you could find the frequencies to do all the different modes of operation.

With the bluetooth you only have the connecting the first time. Once that is done the setup should be finished


like what, can you give me examples. Thanks


yes of course, but once is done it should be rock solid, also for automation (you go inside the room with a PIR, PIR gives command to HA, HA gives command for a boost of heating … very cool!!)


It’s just the amount of work that puts me off haha.

You could still hook the bluetooth into home assistant! The boost of heating and the saving money for turning off valves when no one is in the room for an hour or so


Absolutely! I think its a greta tool. My worry is just about the bluetooth, I would really prefer other protocol (from simple 433 to Wifi or Zigbee), but not paying 50+ each


I am in the same position as you really, I will probably give the bluetooth ones a go and see how they go :slight_smile:


yes good move. I do have a couple of radiators that are in the range of my pi3 with HASS on it. I guess we can start with those, and then when we find other we change other radiators too.

Now a question more for an hydraulic technician: does it make sense to put thermostatic valve only on few radiators and not all? In this case all radiators (withouth thermostatic valve) will always be on


Actually the standard RF EQ3 are still compatible, but you need to install homegear and then use the Homematic component

I guess the bluetooth one are ok for an apartment but I wouldn’t trust them for a house or a duplex flat.
With the EQ3 (RF) I didn’t have problem with up to 3 wall between the base and the thermostat.


Ohh cool.

I would go for that, the reviews are excellent on the product


Yes the configuration is kind of long to integrate them in home-assistant but they are cheap and highly reliable (no problem in more than 3 year of usage, and still using the first batteries!)


I have the dumb one, since the brain should be home-assistant you should also go for the dumb one ^^


you have the 99017 and working with HASS?


My problem is that I have ONE room that is really colder then the others.

From my logic it would be more important to have thermostatic valves in all OTHER radiators (to close the hot radiator) and not in the cold room. COrrect?


I’m not sure about the model number, but it’s the simple model yes.
And as long as they are compatible with the Max Cube, they will work with homegear.

You can find them cheaper here:

Those are also compatible:

My problem is that I have ONE room that is really colder then the others.

From my logic it would be more important to have thermostatic valves in all OTHER radiators (to close the hot radiator) and not in the cold room. COrrect?

Not really, it’s better if you can install the valve on all radiators. If you’re not at home in the day, or not in that room at night, no point in leaving that radiator ON.

For 16-25€ per radiator, you’ll get your money back quickly if you can save heating 18h per day on that radiator!