Hacking a roller blind with up/down wires

I’ve got a roller blind which is controlled by an up/down wire system. When you apply 230v to the up wire it goes up, 230v to the down wire it goes down. Obviously neutral and earth are connected.

This thing is designed to be used with a wall switch. I think it must be the case that the wall switch looks after interlocking to prevent blowing the motor.

I’m wondering about either:-

Getting a Shelly 2.5 to then hack the existing switch (by soldering onto the button pads)
Getting something like this which looks like it would negate the need for any hacking, presumably also feature interlock protection(?) but wouldn’t allow me to do MQTT control right off the bat like the Shelly would.

Anyone got any thoughts on what to do for the best?!


So I’ve got a “dumb” (don’t really like that term) wall switch for my motorised blind - it’s obvious that two relays control power to the up/down wires. Microswitches mounted on a PCB control the relays. How would I ‘know’ if they’ve implemented electrical interlocking to prevent both relays being energised at once? If I post pics of both sides of the board would someone here be able to see from a picture? I don’t really know what to look for…
Thank you!

@daneboom did you ever figure out what to do here? I am in the same situation.

sort of - I never made the switch smart, but I know for a fact that the wall switch is hardware interlocked - it would be totally safe for me to solder onto the button pads of the existing dumb switch, I just haven’t yet.