Hacs 0.16.1 store is empty even after reloading data

Hi guys,

So a few days ago I installed Hacs in hass.io . After following all steps I got the community tab on the left sidebar and can access the respective page but the problem is both my Overview and Store subtabs are … empty !!

Following some other user topics which had the same issue, I tried to reload data (in my case I had to do it manually by pressing the button) but even after waiting a few hours nothing happens, it just gets stuck there forever and everything except the settings page remains empty .

Needless to say I already have restarted the server multiple times after . Reinstall also did not help !

Anyone ?

What does the log say?

Removing unknown panel community

01:42 components/frontend/init.py (WARNING) - message first occured at 00:27 and shows up 6 times

[Unknown error] - Could not load HACS!

01:42 custom_components/hacs/setup.py (CRITICAL) - message first occured at 00:27 and shows up 6 times

Overwriting integration hacs

01:42 components/frontend/init.py (WARNING) - message first occured at 00:42 and shows up 5 times

Don’t think I even got these errors on previous restarts but I guess it’s pretty messed up . For the record, Community Icon is still there on the menu, despite of the error log saying it’s removed !

I just had a problem with hacs as well. What I did was delete the hacs files in the .storage directory and then reboot HA. Worked for me you might try that. There should be about three files.

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BTW when you provide logs or code samples use the </> icon at the top of the text box. It creates a text section that you can paste your code, etc into and preserve the original format. Much easier to read that way.

Yea sorry, thought the block codes were just for … code , I use them all the time when it’s yaml :slight_smile:

So , after deleting the hacs files as you suggested, I got this :

Removing unknown panel community

02:10 components/frontend/__init__.py (WARNING)

[Unknown error] - Could not load HACS!

02:10 custom_components/hacs/setup.py (CRITICAL)

Validation for hacs/integration failed with GitHub returned 401 for https://api.github.com/rate_limit.

02:10 custom_components/hacs/hacsbase/__init__.py (ERROR)

Will now try generating a new api token and see how that goes …

Awsome , that worked !! Had to regenerate my token afterwards but in what directly concerns the op, this did the trick !

Tyvm :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you got it working!

Hi, can you please help me and elaborate how to find the storage folder and which content to delete?

(i am new at this…:slight_smile:)

If you haven’t already setup the Samba share add-on do that first. This will allow you to see your config directory from a pc/mac/etc. The .storage folder is in the config directory. It may be hidden I don’t remember but easily fixed by enabling hidden files in your pc/etc file app. Anyway there will be a number of files that start with hacs, delete them. There is also a directory called hacs which will contain a file for each item you have previously installed through hacs. You could delete these files as well. Then reboot.