Hacs add on

hello every one
this is my first steps towards home assistant ; very interested , getting a lot in mind.
unfortunately the first step to start connecting with my SONOFFS is to install HACS
and here i have stacked since 2 weeks :frowning_face:
i got a failed response while trying to run command :
wget -O - https://get.xyz.hacs | bash -
any one can kindly help please

That URL looks wrong!

thx. for your kind reply
i tried get and install with wget , but nothing changed
the same failure when trying to connect with raw.githubuser…

Are you sure it is xyz.hacs? I have not heard of a toplevel domain called hacs, but I have heard about one called one called xyz, so I think it wrong.

The URL for the command is wrong:

That aside the error is indicative of a network block preventing you from getting to the raw.githubusercontent.com IPs. What happens if you try getting to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hacs/get/main/get from a regular device?

There have been some cases on this forum where the ISPs have blocked access to GitHub. because their malware filter thinks it is dangerous. O2 in UK seems to have that issue a lot, among others.