HACS cannot be installed


As a beginner with HA (Version: 2024.5.1)I have currently a problem with installing HACS. See attached pictures.

Hardware: Old Notebook (core i7)
WLAN Adapter 2,4 GHz

Software: Just Windows 10
virtualbox Version 7.0.18

I noticed that downloading HACS with “wget -O - https://get.hacs.xyz | bash -”
was very slow and several time outs. After it was downloaded I continued as written in the docs.

I copied the code into github and it seemed to be ok - BUT as you see in the pictures in HA it never came back to submit.
It kept looping for hours.

I appriciate any help.

Regards, Volker

Hi walberjunior, thanks for your reply - I’ve been searching around and the most answers were about the browser cache - I tried several browsers but no success.
On the 2nd picture is the submit button missing and that was on all browsers I tried.
I will try to do as you recommand. I’ll let you know how it worked. Thanks