HACS - can't integrate

After updating HA to the latest version, I am bot able to install HACS. I have created /config/custom_components and placed folder hacs inside. Copied all folders and files to that folder from downloaded hacs.zip from GitHub. Resterted HA several times and it doesn’t appear in available integrations. What’s the problem?

Did you try rebooting the system? I solved this issue by restarting my hassio supervisor docker. You can try that or if you are running HA OS, please reboot the entire system.

You won’t believe what happened… After 2 hrs of fighting I decided to give up and go to bed. And then, I opened the HA app on my phone, and it was there! So in the morning I refreshed the browser on my laptop and it appeared…

So it was must thing in your browser cache. You can try reloading the page without cache i,e shift+F5. Just keep in mind that sometimes it could happen if there is an issue with your HA supervisor also, in that case just restart HA supervisor or reboot the entire system.

The same thing happened to me during the update.
Helped clear browser cache.