HACS custom cards not showing

Hi all

After a bit of advice here. I have added some custom cards using HACS, however only one of them is showing when I attempt to add a new card in Lovelace.

I see the files in /www/community as expected:

I also see the jsfiles added automatically by HACS in Lovelace Resources:

However when I try and add a new card in Lovelace, the only one that shows up is the vacuum-card. None of the others show

Any help or pointers how to debug myself greatly recieved.


This is perfectly normal. The customi cards will not show up to be picked, but need to be entered through the manual card option (or overwriting in edit mode of any other card). In the repositories of the cards you have examples which you can paste in the manual cards.

There are a few custom card writers who write gui editors, but there aren’t many. For the others, @Piggyback is right, use manual.

Perfect. That’s what confused me. One of the developers must have written a GUI config.

All working now. Thanks for the help :+1:

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