HACS dooesn't add etry in "resorces" when innstallng lovelace integratons 😑

I reinsttalled HA from scratches
I nnstalled more that 10 lovelace integrations, but no entries in resoorces sectios added!
On previous HA installation resources entries were automatically added

What should i set up or what i do wrong?

Did you install the integrations in HA too??
HACS just installs the integrations in the HA integration store, so HA can find them.

If you actually installed any Lovelace UI stuff, it should have asked you to refresh the browser after each one.

Integrations work as usual
Problem with Lovelace integrations Preformatted text

I do refresh
But it doesn’t add resource entries

What integrations are you trying to use?

tt dees’t matter, tens of top integrations
and problem wiotth ANY integration and i sppose NOT cased by integration
maybe some HACS or system setting is missing