HACS Downloads Integrations But Not Showing in HA

Hi Guys, I am very new to HA. I have installed a system on a PC with Virtual Box. The issue I am having is with HACS. I have install successfully, however when I select an integration, I just get the spinning wheel like it’s waiting. However, when I look in the terminal I can see the files. I have restarted HA, and the Virtual Box but they still don’t show up. I my case I want to set up a system to monitor my solar system, so I have solax_modbus and octopus_energy. I have added some screenshots

Did you restart HA ?

Trying to get a little clarification, so you can see and download integrations within HACS but then it hangs with the spinning wheel when it installs? And then you can see the installed in Custom Components as seen in your screenshot.

To activate the custom components go to Settings > Devices and Services - and then go to the lower right to Add Integration. Search for the solax and octopus energy from there and install to your inverters as you normally would.

Essentially, think of HACS as a storefront only to download and update custom integrations but you will still need to configure in the main settings area.

He indicates he restarted.

I think you need to do “Add Integration”.

HACS downloads the integrations to disk, a restarts adds them to HA’s repository, then you can add the integration to HA.

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Hi Yes that is what I am doing, but I just get the spinning wheel. The files are in the system. OK, I’ve found the integration now, however when I tried to load them I get the following error message: Config flow could not be loaded {“message”:“invalid handler specified”} I actually feel like I am making progress as they definity where not there before :wink:

That new issue looks like an issue with the custom component implementation.

Going back to basics, you are logged in through your Github account right?

Hi thanks for all the replies after multiple attemps I finally got everthing installed, but the wheel of death never stopped turning and I just checked in terminal to see the files before proceeding. I had done this before and everything appeared to be there… but just relived I’ve got this far. Yes I was logged to Github. I have got everything sort of working with one final issue. I added a Power Flow Card, but this is giving an error Not Loaded. I have restarted Home Assistant etc. Any ideas.