HACS Error custom_component of not installed component?

i just started with HomeAssistant.
in order to have it all clean working i checked the log file and found a strange error, as i did not install a component that should use that:
I know that this github repo does not exits. But I can find how to solve this.

2023-07-29 14:55:16.254 ERROR (MainThread) [custom_components.hacs] <Integration geertmeersman/telenet> GitHub returned HttpStatusCode.NOT_FOUND for https://api.github.com/repos/geertmeersman/telenet

I only have these integrations in HACS

any tips are highly appreciated, as i got lost in the web searching for solutions

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removing and reinstalling HACS does not solve the issue

Hi @EdDred - welcome to the forum! I’ve been using HACS for months and have just started seeing this same error, having never seen it before. Not able to find anything useful online about it so far either. I used to have browser-mod installed but deleted it a few months ago. Perhaps something left behind after deletion, as I see you have browser-mod too…

I have the same thing on my side, its not a bug, The telenet (Télénet) custom integration has been removed from the HACS repo list for legal reasons. I’m pretty sure the error will disapear with the next HACS update

Remove geertmeersman/telenet by geertmeersman · Pull Request #1991 · hacs/default · GitHub

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@Alain_Raymond Thank you for the info