Hacs Error Help Needed When Restoring Full Snapshot

I am trying to move from a Proxmox LXC container installation to a supported Proxmox VM installation. I followed this guide (Installing Home Assistant using Proxmox) for setting up the VM within Proxmox and was able to install HA without issue. However when I attempt to restore a full backup from the LXC setup to the VM setup I get this one error:
Setup failed for hacs: Unable to import component: No module named ‘queueman’. This error is preventing hacs from starting and impacts my frontend showing any custom cards.

I don’t know how to get past this. I tried reaching out to the owner of the hacs integration and was told it’s not a hacs issue but an installation issue with not bringing in the dependencies. When I created an issue with HA for the installation I was told it’s a custom component issue sending me back into a circle.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to remove or reinstall hacs to attempt getting around this. I have also tried restoring an older snapshot and upgrading although this didn’t work either. My hours of searching for an answer throughout the forums and discord have left me blank. I guess I could abandon the idea of moving to the supported vm and just go back to the lxc container but I suspect in the long haul that could eventually be problematic too. I would love to somehow figure this out.

Here is a link to the issue I opened that was closed but at least you can see the error in the log. I am not seeing anything else that indicates a problem other than hacs not able to start. Maybe someone will see something I am overlooking -> https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/44245#issuecomment-745153335

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on anything I could try or if you need more information please let me know,