HACS error?

And that is why every new users, who starts with only the default dashboard( i bet many does), will eventually “experience issues”, as they have no idea that it’s a “generated-yaml-dashboard”
If they don’t change it directly, and/or don’t make any New Dashboard (all cards ends up in the default-anyway.).
But ofcause if the want this “Default Dashboard” (ui-lovelace.yaml) with all cards automatically generated/added, they may have reasons for this, i just can’t see them … but i do understand if you might want your own “ui-lovelace.yaml” files, but not what you use the "initially"generated Default-Dashboard for ( which is why New users always starts with Not being in “storage mode” ), until they get as far as i.e creating a new-dashboard, and trying to figure out if they should “take Control” ( which most probably chooses to , without knowing what it really means, it just sounds right )

Meaning, i believe the “ui-lovelace.YAML Mode” is “hangin on” do to previous uses-cases, but obviously also so that a “New” initially Dashboard is created/available, for new users, they will eventually end up in “Storage-Mode” , so i don’t understand why this is Not the Default Mode, They have to Choose Storage-mode eventually( if they not settle with 1 Default Dashboard(generated yaml mode), and/or choose the rest(new) dashboard, to also be in YAML-Mode ) , how many New Users do you think Chooses, Yaml-Mode ?

Storage Mode( UI Controlled ), is more logic to New Users, Yaml-Mode is a “left-over” or for experienced Users

To all responders: Wow, so many replies - THANKS!

To lludeeus: I realized that it wasn’t a HACS error from the outset (thus the question mark in the title, didn’t know how else best to sum up the issue in 3 words or less)

Just did that, seems to be okay now!
Where would I have found this info in the documentation? I’ve spent hours reading through what would seem to be related to the issue and never found this.

So for future reference, how or what might I have done to cause this in the first place? Though I now know how to correct it, I don’t want to repeat the problem again in the future.

I actually looked at this several times, just didn’t know how to change it:

Anyway, thanks tom_l, boheme, ludeeus for your replies and input!!!

It won’t ever happen again.

It only occurred because you had not restarted after creating your first manual dashboard in storage mode.