HACS help please with lovelace elements not loaded properly

So I installed the latest HACs last night…cue many resources now not loading. It seems to be trying to find them in the old “community_plugin” directory, still, haven’t a clue why?!

Any help much appreciated! Thank you!

The warning I get:-

The fact I can’t click reinstall:-

An excerpt from my lovelace-ui:-

Chrome’s developer view:-

There’s an FAQ about this.

Depending on where you’ve got the resources defined, it may not be valid. That moved many releases ago, as explained in the docs and the release notes at the time.

Thanks, but I’ve read the FAQ and had read I before posting. One of the recommendations in the FAQ is

To find the URL click the 3 dots in the card for the repository and select “Reinstall”

but that option is not open to me because the reinstall button is not working as indicated in my original post.

I’ve tried clicking the three dots and “reload resources” - I would suggest there’s something really weird going on when in my lovelace resources I’m clearly saying the file should be found at one address and Chrome is trying to find it in another…? Far from an expert and bow to your superior knowledge for sure but something seems very off here

@ludeeus ?

Cheers guys!

That resource path doesn’t look correct. Seems like you’re missing a folder.

    url: /hacsfiles/auto-entities/auto-entities.js
  - type: module    
    url: /local/hacsfiles/auto-entities.js

Thank you, I’ve changed it to the above, but Chrome dev view STILL shows me that HA is trying to source the file a community plugins directory?! Something very odd here. Thanks

As @petro said url: /hacsfiles/auto-entities/auto-entities.js not url: /local/hacsfiles/auto-entities.js To check the file is there you can use the file editor to navigate from your config directory to /www/community/auto-entities and you should find auto-entities in that folder. The difference in URLs is because the system ‘translates’ /hacsfiles to /config/www/community, seehttps://hacs.xyz/docs/categories/plugins#special-notes-about-downloaded-lovelace-plugins

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Nothing is odd. You keep using the wrong url.

Thank you! That could explain a hell of a lot… I will go investigate there…

Resources aren’t pulled from ui-lovelace if you use yaml mode. They go in the Lovelace section inside configuration.yaml.

  mode: yaml

When this changed occurred, the release notes said “ui-lovelace” resources are still loaded. I however found that was not the case for my setup. It might be that way for you. Either way, if your cache is cleared, site data is cleared, and you’ve reloaded the page. Chances are that it’s using what’s stored in the UI. My guess is that they converted you to UI storage and any edits/changes to your ui-lovelace yaml are doing nothing.

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Thanks petro, that was it - I had to change all the resources around in configuration and then jiggle the folder names around until HA and HACs both happy. Thanks for bearing with me.

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