HACS installed components not loading after update

Hi everybody,

I did not update HA for quite a while. Now I did, as well as all plugins, components and so on.

I also installed the most current version of HACS and it is running fine, also updating components. But it seem that HA isn’t loading those components (located in config/www/community) any more. I.e. mini-graph-card and mini-media-player.

Was there a change in the last versions, how those components have to be placed or something? However I read the latest HACS install guide and found nothing that might be missing in my installation…

Thanks for any input!


You need to be more specific about which version you updated from. There have been many changes that could be affecting you.

The most likely one however is that resources for custom cards are no longer located in the Lovelace config (raw file or yaml). Look in the Configuration / Lovelace / Resources menu.

All the resources should now use the /hacsfile/ location and type should be module.

Don’t remember the exact version I updated from. However your hints might be useful, will take the time to check that later - thank you so far!

Have a read of this: https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2020/03/18/release-107/#hello-multiple-lovelace-dashboards


This awesome new feature comes with a deprecation if you use Lovelace in manual YAML mode: You need to move the resources section from your ui-lovelace.yaml to the lovelace: section in configuration.yaml . It is not a breaking change yet; we still load them from the previous location if we didn’t find anything in the lovelace: section, however, this fallback is being removed in a future version.

If you manage your Lovelace via the frontend, we automatically migrate your resources. Please note that resources are not in the raw Lovelace configuration editor anymore, but in the Lovelace configuration panel.

You really should read all the breaking changes before updating.

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Yeah…should have done that!

Learning by pain…

Thanks for the help guys, will try to fix it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Okay, I got it working again. I moved the resources over to the config yaml, however I think it was more important to change the paths of the plugins to the new /hacfiles/ :wink:

Thanks for directing me :slight_smile:

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