HACS installs but GUI doesn't display

I’m starting a second instance of HA on a separate machine to do some testing. It is on the same network as my primary instance. On my primary machine when I click on HACS I see this

(I can’t embed a second image yet, so I’ll describe it)
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{icon} Integrations >
{icon} Frontend >
{icon} Add-ons >
{icon} About >

I’ve made multiple attempts to install HACS on the second machine with multiple reboots, wiped directories, etc. All I ever see when I click on HACS is this

I’ve spent hours scouring the web and I cannot seem to find any suggestions. Can anyone give me a few ideas where to look or what might be wrong?


Nothing wrong there, that is the next iteration of the UI.
You see that now because you enabled experimental features.

Thank you for the explanation. I thought I had done something wrong in the installation. I appreciate your help!