HACS Integration on 2nd HA Instance - GitHub Token lost


I have a HA instance up and running including HACS Integration (with a valid Github Token)
I started to work on the setting of a Proxmox HA Based new system. Everything is configured and working fine.

I would like now to add HACS on that 2nd HA Instance. As I already have a token created and used on my 1st HA Instance, I was thinking to use the same here for my 2nd HA Instance ==> Unfortunately when I created that original 1st Token for my first HA Instance, I didn’t write it anyware (so I don"t remind it and didn’t find how to see it again under Github and under HA too).
Note: : I’m using UI integration for HACS and not YAML Config

I could create a 2nd Github Token for sure in GitHub, but is there a way to use my 1st token in my 2nd HA Instance ? Any idea how to proceed ?


You could search in the .storage directory for the token used in the first install, however I would advise against it and rather create a second token. As HACS makes a lot of calls to the Github API and you will probably quickly exceed the limit with two installations using the same token.


Thnaks for your quick answer
I will give a try and see how it will react

I just had a look to the .storage directory, but which file is this ?
I have related to HAC or authentification the below files (then I have plenty of other files also)

  • auth
  • auth_provider.homeassistant
  • hacs.critical
  • hacs.hacs
  • hacs.repositories