HACS integration: unifi_status ->connection error

I changed from an unifi USG pro to an UDM pro.
Al is working fine.
With the USG pro I did run unifigateway HACS integration to add some sensors to HA. That worked fine.
For the UDM Pro there is a look a like HACS Integration called: unifi_status.
I installed the integration and did add a sensor for the integration.

- platform: unifi_status
  username: username
  password: mypaswrd
  site_id: default
  verify_ssl: false
  port: 443
    - vpn
    - lan
    - wan
    - www
    - wlan
    - alerts
    - firmware

I could’nt get it running because it is giving a login failure status code 404

I chekced the port 443, thats is the right one.

What am I doing wrong?