HACS is gone after an upgrade

There is an update showing up for HACS so I clicked and after it is done HACS and everything inside HACS are all gone!!

Log shows:

CRITICAL (SyncWorker_18) [hacs] You need HA version 0.110.0 or newer to use this integration.

I’m on 0.109.2, are there any breaking change to upgrade HA to 0.110.0? if not how can I get HACS back?


yes, the latest hacs needs 110
so you need to upgrade HA or rollback hacs, which is presume you’ll have to do manually

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It would be great to prevent HACS to upgrade if newest version is not compatible with current HA version.

Yep mine too!! Just done this 5 mins ago and has broken all sonoff/tuya connections. No hacs and cannot seem to fix it.

Going to try a snapshot I did a few days ago


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I’m on 0.109.2, didn’t see something like this when I click upgrade :frowning:

I had 0.110.0 (may have been 0.110.1) still broke everything

hmm snapshot is taking ages…

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To be fair it was right there in the release notes.

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I’m back online. It was the Home assistant Core I updated not HACS my bad! But still…

Hacs has 1.0.2 available (I’m on 1.0.1)

Home assistant core available 0.110.2 (Current 0.110.0)

So should i update HACS first this time? I need to read those long release notes

Luckily I had a snapshot from yesterday

The weather card options on the new HACS have gone. I’ve only got darksky listed and looks like I need to pay for that.

All ok now with both upgrades.

Core: version 0.110.2
HACS: 1.0.2

One learning experience after using a snapshot. Corrupts your native DB.
Had to delete it and restart.

Documentation says 0.98 or newer… I was played!