HACS looking less friendly since HA Core 2024.5.0

Has anyone noticed HACS looking less friendly since HA Core 2024.5.0? I don’t have experimental features enabled. Cleared my browser cache\temp files.Tried on two different browsers and did full reboot of HA

Mine seems normal…

Darn. No custom icon and no description. Weird.

I’m guessing you don’t have a pending update for the actual HACS Integration…

No issues here either.

No pending updates and I can download\install something from HACS. But the repositories just look weird and incomplete as shown in screenshot

Try a different front end theme (ie: default)… maybe there is something strange going on there?

Went to a backup from 2 days ago which puts me back at 2024.4. Went to default theme. Integrations looks fine now. Front end still looks odd with same icons?? Can’t remember they all used same icon. I will wait a while before upgrading. In my HA journey taking baby steps. Heck, I just got a presence detector setup via my iPhone.

You may need to clear your browser cache for the icons to reappear.

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thanks will do can you confirm how your front end looks?

What version of HACs are you using?

From what I read this current for frontend if not using experimental, which I am not.


Are you running a Supervised version oh HA meaning you have Add-Ons?

yes I am using Supervised version and have add-ons and that is where HACS was installed from

I’d try going into integrations first and do a reload

Then do a restart

If that doesn’t work I’d try a reinstall. It won’t do any damage to your existing HACs modules.

wget -O - https://get.hacs.xyz | bash -

I did both (reload / restart) and when neither fixed integrations I reverted to a backup. HACS integrations are fine now I was just wondering about front end stuff using same icon, but I do have descriptions whereas before I did not. I just don’t remember how frontend looked because I am not in it often.

A lot if the icons are similar, but you are definitely on an older version.

will this command upgrade me or just reload? if it won’t upgrade me and given no need for experimental should I just leave as is? Heading to sleep. Will read up on this in AM.