HACS -- No Field to Enter Custom Repository URL

I went to install a custom repository and when I do, I see this.


I don’t want to install it so I hit delete. Then the screen goes to this when I reopen with no blank field to enter the URL:


I then tried installing the custom repository I don’t want and it goes thru install process but never installs and shows up again when I try to again install a custom repository.

I have done the usual restart Home Assistant, uninstall and reinstall HACS, and even reboot the RPI running Home Assistant. Any other suggestions?

the text on the bottom left that says “Add custom repository URL” is the text input field. click there and type in the URL.

OK, color me ignorant. Thanx.

don’t worry, I had a freak out moment about this too recently. started clicking around and found out that’s the input field. there could/should be a box around that to indicate a text field though.