HACS plugins and community vs community_plugin directories

Hi all,
I’m wondering if there is something i am missing to correct this but when i install a plugin from HACS it installs into www/community/xxxx.
I therefore then modified all my resource entries in Lovelace from community_plugin to community and they, mostly work, i do have one or 2 that seem to hang when being added, it recognises the plugin but i get the system rotating disc and it never sets up to allow me to save (Lovelace Grocy chores card for example).
Now the system looks for the installation of course it tells me none of the plugins are loaded!

I could manually move them all to community_plug folder, and alter all the resources back, but…

How do i get the cards to install in community_plugin in future?

HACS installs the plugins in www/community and creates an endpoint ‘community_plugin’ which is not cached for lovelace.
You can verify the paths when you open the plugin.
For example:


Without HACS, you can open it with:


local is the HA endpoint to the www folder.

Hope i explained that right with my bad english. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! So i just need to verify the link by opening the plugin… i think!

I used to wonder the same thing myself. Then realized it worked so I stopped changing them lol. That is confusing for sure.

I got fed up it’s it and search all the hacs files referencing the community folder, and changed all occurrences t community_plugin. It now says they are installed and loads updates and/or new to the correct folder :slight_smile:
I guess it might all change back at the next HACS update, i should maybe highlight it as a useful update, I’ll look to see if i can work out how to.

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Why is Home assistant designed in this way so that the /www folder is referred to as /local when you configure things in Lovelace? Same goes for the /www/community folder which is referred as /community_plugins

Is there some benefit I’m missing that makes up for the confusion this design creates?

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I don’t know. :man_shrugging:

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