Hacs plugins and integration

I am trying to use some items from Hacs how ever im unsure on a few things.
I am unsure what they mean by the info below.

"When installed, this will be located in ‘/config/www/community/surveillance-card’, you still need to add it to your lovelace configuration (‘ui-lovelace.yaml’ or the raw UI config editor).

When you add this to your configuration use this:

  • url: /community_plugin/surveillance-card/surveillance-card.js
    type: module"

i added this into my raw editor

  • url: /community_plugin/surveillance-card/surveillance-card.js
    type: module"
    but what else am i suppose to do?

Refresh your browser and start using the card in your Lovelace? That assuming you hit the Install button in HACS.

Am i suppose to create the lovelace.yaml file? thats what i am so confused about. What is the default view.

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It’s funny, I was looking for documentation for you but I can’t find any about this topic ‘getting started with Lovelace’. You don’t have to use lovelace.yaml, that is the advanced configuration option. For starters, you can start editing lovelace through the UI.

I believe the Lovelace ui can be activated on the About page (same page where your log is). After activating, you can click the three-dots-menu in the upper right corner and click Configure UI. That’s a start.

Okay I added

  • url: /community_plugin/surveillance-card/surveillance-card.js
    type: module
    into my configuration.yaml file and in the raw editor. now what.

okay what does it mean when it says add
url: /community_plugin/surveillance-card/surveillance-card.js
type: module
to your configuration?

I added those lines to my configuration.yaml file and then i check the config and it says its invalid.

Not in configuration.yaml. After you clicked Configure UI, the same menu contains a link to Edit Raw configuration. There in the resources section you paste the lines you mention. Save then Ctrl-F5 for refresh.

I would recommend https://www.awesome-ha.com/#lovelace-user-interface and perhaps watch some Lovelace intro videos?

Okay. I have a general question… when im in my configuration.yaml file and lets say i want to add the speedtestnet sensor do I add it in under sensors ?
so like this

  • platform: speedtestdotnet
    or do i set it up this way

minutes: 30
- ping
- download
- upload