HACS - Spotcast configuration: needs some help


I have installed HACS and my first Integration within it has been Spotcast (casting Spotify to any google Cast device).

check list:

  • installation of HACS - done
  • installation of Spotcast - done

I can now see that there is a new service called spotcast.start but I am still missing some configurations:

  • how and where do I tell to the integration which google mini to use (I have 2 in my installation)?
  • how and where do I tell to the integration which artist/playlist to play?
  • how and where do I tell to the integration which volume play the music?
  • is there any way to “set a timer”? e.g. stop plying after 3 songs and/or after 5 minutes?

from the github page there are few steps/configuration I am not sure how to perform:

where (configuration.yaml, or something else?) should I insert the code above?

thank you so much

The integration dont work at the moment :-/

oh, assuming it was working, where am I supposed to see the google cast devices?

forgot to ask, is this the only way to cast spotify to a google cast device?

Spotcast is still working fine for me this morning. There was a recent update required for the latest HA release.

For device names, have a read a little further down this page.
If you configure the sensor you’ll get an entity that lists all the discovered devices and you can then use those names in your spotcast automation. In general though, the device name is just whatever it’s called in the google home app.

To play a specific song or album you need its URI - you can google how to get this via spotify web. You can also just resume whatever you were playing before.

This automation example shows how to set the start volume.

You could do a separate automation that is triggered by you starting Spotcast that waits 3mins etc. and then stops playback.

Hope that helps.

hello, back again with this problem… since I tried, I have still not managed t make it work :frowning:

here once again what I did:

  • installed and configured with OAuh of Spotify
  • installed Spotcast from HACS
  • added to configuration.yaml the spotcast parameters
    sp_dc: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    sp_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

tried the service under Home Assistant → Developer Tools → Services , but nothign happen and in the log I have the following message:

Updating spotify media_player took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:00:30
11:56:44 PM – (WARNING) Media player - message first occurred at 11:55:44 PM and shows up 2 times

Error executing service: <ServiceCall spotcast.start (c:ed000ca4517a63085ccxxxxxxxxxxxxx): entity_id=media_player.living_room_speaker, uri=spotify:playlist:5JNP668Xzxxxxxxxxxxxxx, device_name=Living Room speaker, random_song=False, offset=0, shuffle=False, repeat=off, force_playback=False, ignore_fully_played=False, start_volume=101>
11:56:40 PM – (ERROR) Spotcast (custom integration)

Max Retries reached
11:56:40 PM – (ERROR) /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/spotipy/client.py - message first occurred at 11:56:11 PM and shows up 2 times

Update of media_player.spotify_126xxxxxxxx is taking over 10 seconds
11:56:24 PM – (WARNING) helpers/entity.py