HACS vs experience lovelace install process

I finally have a floorplan view (with the example plan) on my default dashboard. I’m confused on the next step to add my own plan. I’ve made a 3D plan in sweet home, and added a few icons in inkscape. When I replace the home.svg in HA, it still displays the default plan.

Some videos reference and archived HA floorplan, some the experience lovelace, and some the HACS process.

I went the HACS route, so I have:
www/community/ha-floorplan for floorplan.js and floorplan.js.gz
www/floorplan/examples/home/ for home.css and home.svg

I feel like I’ve gotten confused and followed parts of both. I still downloaded the experience loveleace zip file to get the css and svg. But I dont have a floorplan.yaml to edit and I’m stuck.

Any suggestions?

I went to local/floorplan/examples/home and deleted the example home.svg
Then restarted HA
The home.svg is gone, but the floorplan tab is still referencing the example home.svg image

Hi @stinkfist

Can you post this to the Discussions page on the Floorplan GitHub site? That’s the best place to get support, ideas, etc.