HACS 'wget' SSH command not installing

Hi all - Been using Home Assistant off and on for a few years and somehow only just learned off HACS. My attempts to install it via SSH were unsuccessful, and I figured I was due a clean install since I had been messing with things lately. So after a fresh install, I went back to install HACS and I’m having an identical issue: I paste (or type!) the command into the SSH web app and it returns no feedback, it simply kicks back to a prompt. I have restarted multiple times, tried multiple browsers, have SSH’d directly in via Windows PowerShell, all with the exact same output: a brief ~1 second pause and then a return to the prompt. I’ve read multiple tutorials and they all appear simple enough, and I’ve watched videos that also look exactly like the process I’m doing.

Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? The log shows me connecting, no errors best I can tell, and no feedback there upon a wget request failing to work.