HACS won't install

Hi All

Just got a NUC and running the HASS OS, trying to get HACS running.

I’ve performed the steps outlined here including the sidestep: https://hacs.xyz/docs/setup/download

The SSH installed perfectly fine but HACS cannot be installed as the connection is refused.

Here is a screenshot of the issue: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Please can someone help diagnose?

Many thanks!

I’m in China and tried accessing the URL in the guide using Chrome. It won’t load the page unless I use a VPN.

Is there a workaround I can use that will continue to work when downloading apps?

I have a PIA subscription, my router and switch are Unifi.

Is github blocked in China?

I’m not even sure now, I managed to do it but apparently it is? I’ve been using it occasionally for years now without issues. Maybe calls are just locked off…