Had to rebuild HA after corrupt SD card, Konnected questions

Having some trouble getting back to good since a lot has changed between version 82 and 115

I’m trying to use the GUI as much as possible, and that includes Konnected. I have the binary zones properly setup, but when I go to setup the switchable outputs that are connected to the relays for garage door opening/closing, the Konnected board opens the relays and won’t close them. Now, if your activate the switch, it triggers the relay as it’s supposed to (500ms pulse) and the door activates. BUT, it goes back with the relays “stuck” sending out that constant 5v, and then the physical garage door buttons don’t work. My question is what’s changed either in the versions or in the setup of the Konnected alarm panels?

2nd issue, Konnected related, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the Alarm Panel interface back that I used with my Konnected hardware using the gui interface or downloading an add-on/integration. The only instructions I see are the YAML edits. Can anyone confirm this, and if you do confirm this, is it ok to manually edit the config file in the newest versions still? Does it break anything if you are making changes both places?

Replying to myself here for future people. Changing the trigger type from “Low” to “High” has at least stopped the constant triggering. I need to figure out what the difference is between the two for my particular application of beeps and relays. These were not explicitly defined in my last install btw.