Had to restart Hassio from scratch. Have Putty Error. HELP!

So I had to restart my whole Home Assistant due to a crash. Got everything running back up, except for Putty. Putty keeps giving me an error on my desktop pc. On my laptop, I can log in with no issues with putty.

"Unable to open connection to hassio.local
gethostbyname: unkown error

Can anyone assist? I also don’t have a key set up in either putty or SSH.

use the ip address. your pc isn’t resolving hassio.local to the right ip address

Yeah that a great suggestion and it worked. Just odd that my browser finds the hassio.local, but putty can’t figure it out. When I did us the ip method it asked if it was ok to use the key. Using hassio.local it has yet to ask that key request message. So I am a bit lost on this one.

Thanks for the help.

Every first connection to a device over SSH gets a new ‘key’ for that device. If you connected to hassio you would get prompted, then if you connected to hassio.local you would get another prompt, then if you connected by IP you would get another prompt. Once you accept the prompt, it is remembered forever and does not display the prompt again to that particular address.

additionally, if you trash your install and re-image the card, it will treat it like the first time again and you will need to accept the key. WinSCP does the same thing.