HADasboardv2 icon_font, text_size not working

Hi Guys,

I opened the test/example dashboard and I see stuff like:

#text_size: 50%
#title_color: red
#title_size: 200%
#unit_color: pink
#unit_size: 100%

If I put it in my configuration it is not working. For example I would like to change the size of the icons for some parts.

Any idea if its a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks for the awesome dashboard :slight_smile:

A couple of things:

  1. Please post beta questions in the beta forum so we can keep everything together that is related.

  2. Always work with copies of the example files - if you modify any of the provided files it will mess up your ability to update later. Not saying this is what you did but just a reminder.

  3. The lines that you are showing are commented. If a line in YAML has a # in front of it, it is considered to be a comment and is ignored. So if you copied and pasted this exactly as shown, then dash is going to ignore it until you remove the # symbol.

  4. If you want to make changes to the icon size, look at the styles icon_style_active and icon_style_inactive in the variables.yaml file for the COPY of the skin you want to modify.

Standard practice is to copy one of the skin folders into the custom_css directory, rename it and then work on the copy. If you intend to play around with the skins it’s a good idea to read through the styling and widget definitions in the readme file (dashboard.md) as it will be essential in knowing what changes to make and where.

Hope this helps!

These are old and need updating. For instructions on how to change colors etc. without building a skin, check the docs.