HADashboard carousel?


I have defined several HADashboards and display them on mounted tablets throughout the house.

Is there a way to slide through a set of dashboards in an automated / timed manner ? I would like to see a kind of carousel view of a set of dashboards.

Main-dash-> delay 10sec -> Weather-Dash - delay 10sec ->Light-Dash -> delay 10 sec -> Presence-dash -> delay 10sec -> Main-dash

you will get a shitload of network load and it will put a strain on the machine you run AD on, but its possible.

create a new dashboard
add 1 iframe widget with a 10 sec refresh that fills the whole screen.
add all your dashboards to the urllist.

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Thanks for the update … I will definitely try it.

I’m aware that this is generating a load of web requests but maybe with a 1min cycle it will be ok

Thanks a lot

I’m interested in this too.

@ReneTode Your suggestion wasn’t very clear as far as how to do the automating of switching dashboards. The iframe tag doesn’t have a urllist attribute, and the existing cards I can find don’t seem to be relevant (Webpage Card - Home Assistant, )

Are you suggesting having an iframe on each dashboard with an iframe that has a src attribute which has a link to the next dashboard? I think that would work, but it would be hard to maintain.

Another option might be this:

Slideshow card can accept a list of cards to cycle through, of any type. It would make for a pretty hairy config, but you could use Grid cards with Slideshow Card and then have each dashboard configured in the grid.

A better solution is probably some sort of AppDaemon solution. It may be possible with an automation/blueprint, but I haven’t thought it through.

If anyone has a simple and elegant way to cycle through dashboards periodically, for example for use with a tablet/kiosk setup, please let us know!

I haven’t tried it but why not use an AD app that fires a navigate event? You can provide the AD app with a list of dashboards within the YAML and write a py file to handle firing the events. Dashboard Creation — AppDaemon 4.2.2 documentation

Alternatively, if you’re using a kiosk app that can subscribe to an MQTT broker, you can probably accomplish the same thing by sending MQTT messages.

this topic is about the original HAdashboard from Appdaemon, not about home assistant dashboards.
and in HAdashboard the iframe widget has an urllist attribute.

I don’t know, if this fits with HAdashboard, but shouldn’t browser_mod be able to do this?

Navigate to a different view or panel.

Works like the navigate tap_action.


navigation_path - the path to navigate to

service: browser_mod.navigate
navigation_path: /lovelace/1

Note: navigation_path does not have to be a lovelace path. All paths in Home Assistant works. (E.g. /states, /dev-info, /map)

There is a service call to navigate, so you should be able to configure an automation, that switches between views/dashboards.

How this fits into HAdashboard idk, but it should work, as long as you have a browser displaying the dashboards.

there are always different ways, you can do it with appdaemons HAdashboard or with browser mod and most likely with a lot of different programs as well.

as long as you have a browser displaying the dashboards

i dont think there is any other way then a browser (or a program with browsing functionalities) to show dashboards, because they are all html pages :wink: