HADashboard: conditional text or conditional widget

Maybe this is a basic question but I think I read all the documentation two or three times without finding what I am looking for.

basically I would like to have a text to change based on the status of a sensor in home assistant.
It would be better if it is not displayed when I don’t need it but it’s ok.

having a widget with: “People at home”
or for a xiaomi plant the “Problem is water low” maybe localized in my own language.

Do you know if something like this is possible?
thank you!

first of all you need to realise that the dashboard is nothing more then a dufferent way to show what you already got going in HA.

if there are some things in the dashboard that cant be done with HA then its a bonus.

so basicly you want to create a template sensor in HA that gives you that text and then display that sensor on the dashboard

you could try to let it dissapear, but it would only leave you with an empty space.

so yeah it is possible

Thank you ReneTode for the reply.
Yes, the template sensor in HA was the only thing that I had in my mind.
I was wrongly thinking that in the dashboard could have it’s own template format or something like that intended for presenting the information and not relying on other parts.

will go with it.

there are some widgets that have some extra, like the icon widget.
and there are some widgets that combine stuff like the heater widget.

and off course you can create your own widgets, but in this case i think a template sensor is the easiest way to go.