HADashboard Custom Skins Weather Tile

Just starting to tinker with HAdashboard. However, cannot install dark sky anymore. Are there any other alternatives?

I’ve installed both NWS and OpenWeatherMap. You can also use pre-installed Met.No…

Thank you for your reply.

I added the NWS APIand am defining the entity as:

  • weather.sv_daynight

However, I get this error:

entity not found: sensor.dark_sky_precip_1d

Is there a specific way to define the weather in the dash file?

What dash file?

dash file in appdaemon:

  • light.family_room_lights (2x1), switch.shelly_shsw_25_68d173_1 (2x1)
  • weather.sv_daynight

OreoP, did you ever find a solution to this? Seems like there would be a lot of information on this, but I’m struggling to find anything.

Try out open weather map.

I’m having a similar issue (originally using met.no), so have signed up for OpenWeatherMap. (Note: It can take a few hours for the API key to activate after signing up - took me a while to figure this out). After some messing around and looking at some old threads, I ended up with this (it’s still not correct, but it’s a start):

  widget_type: weather
  title: Today
  show_forecast: 1
  prefer_icons: 1
  forecast_title: Tomorrow
    icon: sensor.openweathermap_condition
    temperature: sensor.openweathermap_temperature
    apparent_temperature: ""
    humidity: sensor.openweathermap_humidity
    precip_probability: ""
    precip_intensity: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_condition
    precip_type: sensor.openweathermap_condition
    pressure: sensor.openweathermap_pressure
    wind_speed: sensor.openweathermap_wind_speed
    wind_bearing: sensor.openweathermap_wind_bearing
    forecast_icon: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_condition
    forecast_temperature_min: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_temperature_low
    forecast_temperature_max: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_temperature
    forecast_precip_probability: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_condition
    forecast_precip_type: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_condition

At least it gets the control without errors.

I would be curious as to the correct way to access the nested attributes that met.no has, looking at the returned JSON, it gives:

[email protected] ~/Downloads
   "state" : {
      "last_updated" : "2020-10-06T05:26:32.417158+00:00",
      "state" : "sunny",
      "attributes" : {
         "forecast" : [
               "temperature" : 23.6,
               "precipitation" : 0.3,
               "wind_speed" : 13.7,
               "templow" : 14.7,
               "condition" : "partlycloudy",
               "wind_bearing" : 62.6,
               "datetime" : "2020-10-07T02:00:00+00:00"
               "temperature" : 25.8,
               "templow" : 14.7,
               "wind_speed" : 18,
               "wind_bearing" : 40.8,
               "condition" : "partlycloudy",
               "datetime" : "2020-10-08T02:00:00+00:00"
               "wind_speed" : 20.2,
               "templow" : 17.1,
               "wind_bearing" : 36.4,
               "condition" : "sunny",
               "datetime" : "2020-10-09T02:00:00+00:00",
               "temperature" : 26.2
               "precipitation" : 0.2,
               "temperature" : 25.2,
               "condition" : "partlycloudy",
               "wind_bearing" : 101.7,
               "datetime" : "2020-10-10T02:00:00+00:00",
               "templow" : 16.1,
               "wind_speed" : 18.7
               "templow" : 15.8,
               "wind_speed" : 16.6,
               "condition" : "partlycloudy",
               "wind_bearing" : 84.8,
               "datetime" : "2020-10-11T02:00:00+00:00",
               "precipitation" : 0.1,
               "temperature" : 25
         "pressure" : 1018.3,
         "wind_speed" : 13,
         "friendly_name" : "Home",
         "temperature" : 23.8,
         "humidity" : 54,
         "attribution" : "Weather forecast from met.no, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.",
         "wind_bearing" : 61.2
      "last_changed" : "2020-10-06T05:26:32.417158+00:00",
      "entity_id" : "weather.home",
      "context" : {
         "user_id" : null,
         "id" : "7e859a86079411eb8be74329d92036ed",
         "parent_id" : null

But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to access the elements in the “forecast” list. Nor, for weather, how to access any attributes.

I have figured out that if I use a sensor widget, I can access a “top level” attribute by appending it to the end, eg:

    widget_type: sensor
    entity: weather.home.temperature

But that does not work to go deeper (it just gives the JS text representation of a list of objects). For example, it would be good if weather.home.forecast.0.temperature or weather.home.forecast[0].temperature or something worked, including on the weather widget.

Maybe it needs a custom widget like this? https://github.com/ragingcomputer/hadashboard-custom_widgets---nws-day-night
(I would have thought that there was one out there for met.no, but I can’t find it if it does exist)

Thats pretty much what I put together as well. Only difference is that I used weatherbit for the apparent temperature.

apparent_temperature: sensor.weatherbit_apparent_temperature

The NWS widget is fine, but I have issues with the NWS integration. It just flakes out sometimes and then the NWS widget is broken and messes up the entire dashboard.