HADashboard - Error getting state, check Java Console for details

This is a fresh setup using Unraid and the docker acockburn/appdaemon. I have the appdaemon up and running but anytime i add something that has a state to check I get the following error “Error getting state, check Java Console for details” in my browser. the dashboard is pulling data from my Home-assistant docker for things like darksky weather just fine. I read a few post that had some similarity but nothing that would seem to solve the issue.

“HA_URL”=“” -e “HA_KEY”=“XXXXXX” -e “DASH_URL”=“” -p 5050:5050/tcp

any help would be appreciated.

Did you solve the issue

Hi all!
I also have this error ? Any ideas on how to fix it ?

Remove browser cache


this solved my issue thanks