Hadashboard install

tried installing hadashboard onto my venv home assistant mucked around made a mess of my image the appdeamon site is vague at best seems to just randomally throw stuff wherever what I am looking for a idiot version of step by step copy and paste instructions to install through terminal that works thanks

Adding appdaemon to your hass venv will likely yield bad things. It needs to be in a separate venv.

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I am completely fine with that just need step by step instructions that is better then the so called instructions that was on appdeamon

First, create a new venv:

python3 -m venv /some/directory/to/put/venv

Then activate the venv

source /some/directory/to/put/venv/bin/activate

Then install appdaemon using the instruction provided in the docs.

To exit the venv, type “deactivate”.

Make sure the venv is active (using the activate command, above) before starting appdaemon.

The AppDaemon docs likely don’t include these instructions because there are different ways to do it and your specifics may be different. But, you’re right, having more documentation for this type of install would be better. I’ll suggest it.

Thank you I will try that when I get off work and home

nope it did not like that I put in /homepi/appdaemon/conf/venv and went to the appdaemon docs like you said but it did not help at all those docs are still misleading

Not sure why their install instructions for different types of installs has to be all piled on one page it just flat confusing I not sure what I need to install what to skip and it does not even list everything that has to be done

ah hell the more I dick with this the less I want this mess on my Home assistant

Take a look at this topic:

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that is what i am looking for thanks for link I will give it a try and see if it works for me

Be aware that this guide is pretty outdated.

thanks for the update at least that guy is trying to help and seem to understand what I am looking for :slightly_smiling_face:


I just installed it here using this:

$ pwd
$ python3 -mvenv myappdaemon
$ source myappdaemon/bin/activate
$ pip install appdaemon
$ ls myappdaemon/bin/
__pycache__		activate.fish		easy_install		pip3			python3
activate		appdaemon		easy_install-3.7	pip3.7			wsdump.py  
activate.csh		chardetect		pip			python

so… there’s the appdaemon. Just to be sure, you dont have to put your config there (to be true you shouldnt…). Just create another dir to hold the config and run the appdaemon as /dir/appdaemon -d -c /myappdaemon/configfile.

hope this helps…

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I just entered “appdaemon virtualenv” into the search box and it was the first topic popping up. to be honest I didn’t take the time to read through it :sweat_smile:

its all in the wording I was searching with about every other word except virtualenv

followed your intructions and got a error at this point /dir/appdaemon -d -c /myappdaemon/configfile. No such file or directory

so from what I gather with hadashboard nobody installs via Venv method?

Did you create a folder /myappdaemon/configfile and put your config file there? From which directory did you execute the command, did you execute the command as it is or did you adjust it for your directories?

you have to create this folder and put a config file in it. How to create the config file can be found here:


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